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The New Meaning of Talent

Find out how major workplace trends are pushing today’s smartest employers to question who does the work, how they acquire talent, and the nature of work itself.

Workforce Trends Prompt Rethinking of Talent Strategy

Demographic shifts. Demands for emerging skills. Non-traditional work models. These are the challenges that face employers around the world, but when it comes to attracting and retaining critical talent, top employers continue to succeed. What are they doing right?

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Understand Today’s Workforce Trends

Three big questions are shaping how successful companies adapt to today’s evolving workforce.

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Flex Strategies for Who Does the Work

Harness the potential of a multigenerational workforce and engage workers outside your industry.

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Rethink How You Acquire Talent

Boost visibility into talent supplies and digitize acquisition to drive a compelling candidate experience.

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Question the Work Being Done

Reshape how you secure talent by embracing multiple work models and aligning talent for innovation.


Be Flexible in How You Approach Talent

New demands on workers and a need for new skills will reshape how a company secures talent. Are you prepared with the right strategies to build a team that can thrive amid today’s workforce trends?

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Get insight on the issues facing employers today, through the perspective of 1,000 HR leaders. From managing the multigenerational workforce, to the use of technology in talent acquisition, and the influence of automation on business success. It’s all here!

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