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Recruiting and Retaining Millennial and Gen Z Talent

Learn how today’s talent acquisition leaders are building better relationships with the newest generations to enter the workforce.

Millennials and Gen Zs are Reshaping the Workforce

They are capable. They are diverse. And, they are socially aware. But despite the value that newer workers bring, many companies struggle to recruit and retain Millennials and Gen Z talent. The result? Frustration, disappointment, and disengagement for applicants and workers. With that in mind, we developed a report to share best practices that will help companies move their talent strategy forward.

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Employers Must Grow Up

NextGen workers are flexible, creative, and focused on outcomes. Are you ready to engage and empower them?

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Attract and Retain NextGen Talent

Understand the fundamental needs companies must address to attract and retain Millennial and Gen Z workers.

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Meet Talent on Their Terms

Explore trends and opportunities associated with Millennial and Gen Z workers, including changing career expectations and the influence of technology.

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Career Paths to Their Vision

Learn which strategies will empower Millennials and Gen Zs to explore opportunities, work toward a future they want, and provide lasting value.


Capitalize on the Newest Generations in the Workforce

Connecting to Millennial and Gen Z workers isn’t just about perks and fancy break rooms. It’s about listening to the talent and understanding their unique wants and needs. It’s about real relationships. And, it’s about empowering them to achieve goals that are relevant and compelling in terms of today’s career and life priorities.

Download the White Paper

Want to ensure an efficient and enriching talent journey for Millennial and Gen Z workers, from how you source them, to how you attract and retain them? Find out more in our white paper.

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