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AI and the World of Work

Gain perspective on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its influence on workforce strategy and innovation.

Embracing the Promises and Realities of AI

What does AI mean to the future of business, work, and talent? It’s a complicated topic, so Allegis Group developed a framework to provide a practice perspective on its impact. Our advice? Prepare for change. AI is reaching a breakthrough state, and employers must proactively pay attention and formulate workforce roadmaps that account for intelligent automation and digital labor.

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The State of AI

The technology of AI has advanced tremendously from its infancy in 1940s academic research to today’s robust applications. Learn about the implications.

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Impact on HR

AI will not replace the need for talent professionals; instead, it will change the nature of what they need to do to succeed. In the report, we look at the emerging technologies and AI’s influence on processes and strategies.


AI is More Than Hype

AI is a reality that business leaders and talent decision makers can no longer ignore. Think about software that matches resumes to jobs, chatbots that engage candidates, or programs that do much of the work of the sourcer. They are more than tools for helping us work better; they are reshaping the work we do.

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Understand what AI really means to the future of business, work, and talent.

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