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Connecting Talent Potential to Business Outcomes

A global survey of 1,800 HR and business decision-makers and 2,000 workers takes a look at four trends influencing how companies engage talent and get work done.

It’s Time to Transform How Work Gets Done

Technologies to automate work are advancing. Companies have more talent engagement and resource options than ever before. And, more workers have unprecedented flexibility for how, where, and when they do their jobs. Our global survey reveals everyone in business is feeling the pressure to keep up.


Trends Influencing Work Today

As the world of work changes, businesses evolve to stay ahead.


Balance Tech and Touch

Drive a more intelligent human experience by applying tech innovations.


Leverage Outsourced Services

Outsourced services connect companies to skilled talent and great outcomes.


Apply a Total Talent View

Take a total talent approach to see all workers through a single lens.


Be Proactive About Compliance

A changing regulatory environment requires companies to get proactive.

Download the White Paper

Organizations have enormous potential to create value and improve careers, but the ability to translate that potential into tangible results depends on how they tackle these trends. This report explores how companies and workers address the challenges to reach one common goal: connecting talent potential to business outcomes.

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