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Talent Advisory Services

Attract and Retain a High-Performing Workforce

We know how important it is to attract top-quality candidates to your organization. As your talent advisor, Allegis Group will help you reach your staffing goals by applying a data-driven analysis of skill sets, local labor markets, and economic factors to give you an empowered advantage to target potential recruits in the most effective way possible. You'll be able to acquire talent quickly and effectively, even for your most hard-to-find skill sets. Make job offers with confidence, reduce time-to-fill, and retain quality talent — all while optimizing costs throughout the recruitment process.

The Value of Our Talent Advisory Services

At Allegis Group, we believe talent is the most critical success factor in any undertaking. With over $12 billion in annual revenues, 18,000 clients, and more than eight million paychecks paid annually, we’ve leveraged our global reach and relationships to conduct extensive benchmark research on recruitment best practices. We are now extending our survey research expertise as a turnkey service to clients seeking to optimize their recruitment strategies and acquire the talent needed to advance their business goals.

Our Talent Advisory Services are straight-forward and simple to engage. You provide us with the list of survey recipients and set expectations with your internal teams, and we take care of the rest. We will administer the survey, analyze findings, and provide insights about how your organization compares to the global benchmark of recruitment practices to help shape your future recruitment strategy.

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Your Company’s Scorecard
Will Help You:

  • Establish a benchmark to evaluate key stages of recruitment.

  • Understand all stakeholder perspectives (hiring managers, talent acquisition, and candidates).

  • Identify and celebrate high-performing areas of your recruitment strategy.

  • Isolate actionable improvement opportunities.

  • Drive a quality candidate experience by identifying behaviors that impact stakeholder satisfaction.

  • Optimize future recruitment by improving behaviors across the entire talent acquisition process.

Talent Advisory Deliverables

If you’re ready to optimize your recruitment and retention strategy, let Allegis Group help you make informed workforce planning decisions for your company’s future success. Benefit from our immeasurable combination of over 30 years of expertise as the global leader in talent solutions with our proprietary research, vast data, and local insights to take you beyond simply filling positions.

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Talent Advisory
Executive Report

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Talent Advisory
Data File

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Talent Advisory
Segment Analysis

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Start improving your recruitment strategy today.

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