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Take Charge to Build the Workforce You Need

Employers are challenged to find the skills they need. And a changing workforce adds to the challenge. Download our report to see how smart strategies can reshape how you cultivate your talent supply.

Set Up Workers to Acquire New Skills

Sustaining a supply of workers with needed skills is a fundamental responsibility for any employer. Our report, based on a survey of 1,000 HR decision-makers, helps organizations better understand the forces at play in skills development with an overview of key strategies, related technologies, and best practices.  Focus areas include mentorships, apprenticeships, certifications, and academic partnerships.


Cultivate Your Talent Supply

HR decision-makers weigh in on the struggle to find skills to help their businesses succeed.

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Forge Connections to Transfer Knowledge

See how mentorships can accelerate the employee learning curve.

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Invest in a Motivated Workplace

Apprenticeships are gaining ground, but there is room to grow.


Update and Acquire New Skills

The case for employer-paid certifications is strong.


Partner with Academic Institutions

Develop learning programs tailored to your talent needs.

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Address Skills Needs in EMEA and APAC

Explore talent development challenges around the globe.

Critical Skills are Hard to Find

75% of HR decision-makers say the struggle to acquire and retain talent with critical skills prevents employers from realizing their full growth potential. Learn ways to cultivate the talent you need.

Download the White Paper

Cultivate your talent supply with insight from 1,000 HR decision-makers and talent leaders on best practices and innovations influencing skills development in the workforce.

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Stay Engaged

Read about various topics in the global talent, staffing, and recruitment services space.

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