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Read about various topics in the global talent, staffing, and recruitment services and solutions space.

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Survey Reveals Trends Influencing How Work Gets Done

Transforming how work gets done starts with applying technology to humanize the worker experience, leveraging specialized services to tackle important initiatives, adopting a total talent approach to better engage workers of all types, and staying ahead of workforce regulations. Our global survey and expert insights offer a path forward.

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Cultivating Skills to Build the Talent Pipelines of Tomorrow

Gain insight on best practices and innovations influencing skills development in the workforce. With survey findings from 1,000 HR decision-makers and perspective on trends reshaping traditional approaches, this report offers ways to put effective strategies to work.

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Embrace Smarter Talent Management Technology

With examples of technologies influencing talent attraction and engagement, candidate evaluation and onboarding, and employee development and retention, the report offers survey data on user adoption, plus insight on the people-first strategies focused on candidate success and career pathing.

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A Candidate-First Approach to Talent Acquisition Strategy

When it comes to recruitment, only 7% of companies fill open positions quickly, attract top-quality talent, and optimize costs. What are they doing right? How do they assemble a highly engaged workforce? How do their talent acquisition strategies stand out? Our research, plus findings from 1,000+ employers and nearly 7,000 candidates from around the world, reveals the answers.

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Rethink Who Does the Work and How Work Gets Done

When it comes to attracting and retaining critical talent, top employers continue to succeed. What are they doing right? Get the answers in, “The New Meaning of Talent: Adapting to the Work and the Workforce of Tomorrow,” which explores the workplace trends and practices that are reshaping how companies approach talent and business today.

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Global Workforce Trends Report

Gain an informed perspective on the changing workforce and the new priorities facing talent and business leaders today.

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Recruiting and Retaining
Millennial and Gen Z Talent

Employers adapted to engage Baby Boomers and Gen X. Now, times are changing again. Gen Z has arrived. Millennials have grown up, and the practices companies use to engage those workers need to mature with them. Read “Employers, It’s Time to Grow Up: Engaging the Millennial and Gen Z Workforce” to move your talent strategy forward.

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Translate a Diverse Workforce into a Business Advantage

Top talent is scarce. Competition is intense. If a company fails to understand, attract, and engage diverse workers, it could miss out on great candidates, increased productivity, and competitive advantages. "Talent, Business, and Competition: A New World of Diversity & Inclusion" reveals how to achieve workplace success.

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AI and the Future of Jobs and HR

Artificial intelligence (AI) is displacing old jobs, creating new ones, and reshaping how companies compete for talent and get work done. “AI and the World of Work” offers an informed perspective on the state of AI today, its impact on talent management, and how employers can rise to the new demands of an AI-enabled workplace.

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